Tax Return Filing Services

I can provide comprehensive tax preparation and e-filing services for your W-2 income, business income, passive investments, and more, with a particular focus on rental real estate investments. We’ll start with an initial free consultation to discuss your tax situation. From that conversation, I’ll send you a price quote for your return. Once you’re ready to get started, I’ll send you a link to our secure portal where you can submit your documents. I’ll keep you updated throughout the process and communicate with you if questions arise. Once your return is complete, we can review it together and discuss possible tax strategies to consider for future tax years. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Tax Planning and Strategies

Most clients coming from other tax preparers who don’t specialize in taxes for real estate investors have usually been missing out on tax benefits they didn’t even know existed. I can review your previous tax return and advise you on mistakes that may be putting you at risk of audit, or identify opportunities to reduce your taxes. These missed opportunities can include tax strategies such as the short-term rental loophole, cost segregation, real estate professional status, 1031 exchanges, bonus depreciation, and partial asset disposition. We can also discuss your future goals to identify opportunities to help you make the most informed decisions to maximize your future tax deductions. We can start with a free initial consultation.

Hourly Consulting

I can review your tax situation and documents, calculate estimated tax impact of various scenarios, and discuss your taxes and overall financial situation at a rate of $80 per half hour. We can start with a free initial consultation.

Tax Return Review

Or Help for TurboTax and Other Do-it-yourself Filers

If you have concerns or questions about your previously filed tax return, or a return you are getting ready to file, I can review your return for errors, missed deductions, and potential audit risk flags. This can be beneficial whether the return was prepared by a professional, or if you’re doing it yourself with TurboTax, TaxAct, or other software. This also includes a consultation session to discuss any issues I found with the return. The cost of this service starts at $175. Contact us to get started.

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