Tax advising and tax preparation services for real estate investors.

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Submit your information and documents.

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We prepare your return and discuss any questions.‬

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Review your return and approve it for e-filing.


Tax services for all, but with a particular focus on real estate investors.

We can provide comprehensive tax preparation and e-filing services for your W-2 income, business income, passive investments, and more, with a particular focus on real estate investments.

Whether you have one rental unit, or a large portfolio, or if you’re just thinking about getting started with investing, we can help you understand the tax strategies that are available to you to optimize your tax savings.

We offer comprehensive tax planning and preparation services, guiding you through intricate tax-saving opportunities, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Discover real estate tax strategies you didn’t even know you were missing out on.

We have the expertise to correctly utilize tax strategies such as the short-term rental loophole, cost segregation, real estate professional status, 1031 exchanges, bonus depreciation, and partial asset disposition.

Want to learn more? See our Real Estate Tax Guide.

tax Services for individuals and small businesses

Self-Employed / Freelancers

We will file tax returns for your freelancer income from a sole-proprietorship or partnership. This includes creative design work, programmers, artists, musicians, writers, and all other types of independent work.

Real Estate Investors

Looking for a real estate CPA or tax pro? We work with rental property owners, landlords, passive investors, flippers, wholesalers, builders, real estate brokers/agents, and more to maximize the tax savings available for your investments or business.

Small Businesses

We will file your LLC, S corp, or C corp business income for small and medium size businesses. That includes both local shops and online businesses.

Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE)

If your goal is financial independence, it helps if your tax advisor understands what a Roth IRA conversion ladder is, how a Mega Backdoor Roth works, and why an HSA is the best investment account of all.

Cryptocurrency Taxes

We use crypto ourselves, and we understand and can correctly file your taxes for cryptocurrency transactions and complex technical aspects that a typical CPA or EA usually isn’t familiar with. This includes mining, staking, forks, airdrops, exchange bankruptcies, etc.

Tax Return Review & Advising

If you do your own taxes, or if you’re unsure if your current CPA is doing your taxes correctly, or if you’re looking for tax planning and strategies, contact us for a consultation.